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Giving back to the communities we serve. Nowadays, most successful entrepreneurs and celebrities consider it their obligation to give back to the community. Some entrepreneurs donate to charity. An additional 70 percent donate their time as well. They truly believe that the more you give, the more you get in return.

According to the list of the most generous philanthropists, the world s leading entrepreneurs, such as Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder, and Warren Buffett, the most successful investor, are the top philanthropists in the world.

If our business is doing well, we think we should give back to the community, said donor Wong Yew Choy.

Mr. Wong Yew Choy is a successful entrepreneur in Singapore. His company donates money to charities. Additionally, he gives generously to charitable causes, supports social needs and makes the world a better place. He always encourages employees to choose their own ways of giving back.

This year Mr. Wong Yew Choy join the public welfare for the elderly and disadvantaged groups. It is great that Mr. Wong Yew Choy and his company donated more than 160,000 US dollars of funds and materials to the elderly and disadvantaged groups in Quarter 1.

Helping people is the greatest wealth in life. Entrepreneurs and celebrities think everyone can make a difference by giving back to society. It inspires people to contribute to their communities.

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